miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

I LOVE MUSIC. Chapter One

Everyone who knows me at least for some weeks will know that one of my passions and lovers in my life is MUSIK... I love music, and we had an old and tricky relationship. I remember the cassettes in my father’s room, they were different within them, some of them were awful haha but some of them not and that’s when I started to feel music, to dance with music and to dream with music. We had a strong relationship based in feeling and energy, music gives me energy in my daily life and brings me calmness. So many nights just me and the small cassette player (then I managed to steal a walkman) and so many adventures with more music lovers. I recalls Karla's Guitar, where is she at the moment? Do not know, I have not seen her since five years or sex years, maybe more. She was in love with me and i was in love with her. She is a magnificent guitar player and musician. My last instant of her is she playing for the most cult forum of classic music with her guitar. Her guitar and she were one in the forum... I miss her tunes. Hope she is good. Well she was not really in love with me because she was lesbian, but she was in love with my personality and my own very way to express my feelings and we became close friends, even sometimes people thought that we were couple but we weren’t, in fact she was always in love of the girls whose were my girlfriends hehehe quite Ironic but that is how was it. After met her I could recognize in a better way what music means and what is offering to people and I opened my music panorama in a broad way. Constantly exited I am when music that I like sounds. I like all kind of music, all kind, all kind... I like rock music, pop music, classic music, opera music, dance music, folk music, heavy music, punk music, strange music, experimental music, electro music, energy music, all kind of music, but each gender has to be the result of honest expressions (but that is perhaps the condition that I have for most of the artistic expressions around me (this definition of rating test fit with people as well... Katja, for example)) if something is created and the final result is fake the music (most of the times) doesn't have quality, is boring, grey and without grace... I like gay music which is quite easy to recognize and define. I like gay music a lot hahaha I know it, and I know I am not gay but I was quite close to be gay, well I like some gay stuff (not all of them but some) like gay music but as I said before it has to be honest and authentic... I like Metric. I like Hustle Rose. I have been listening this song the last week and every time I liked more and more. It is a beautiful song. I love girls singing I guess it is because the sound is much more soft and honest. Girls (and gay people) are more honest. Hustle rose. Hustle rose... Rose.

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